Inspired from the far east this a fiery curry made with chicken breast pieces. Infused with flavours sweet and tangy as well as spicy.

Chicken breast pieces are added in our Oodles schezuan sauce giving it that Indo-Chinese flavour with extra heat.

Chicken breast pieces cooked in chopped onions, coriander and soya sauce to create an authentic Chinese flavour.

A unique flavour of sweetness from tomato ketchup contrasting with the tangy flavour of orange and lemon juice in juicy chicken.

A classic Chinese recipe with the Oodles twist. Pungent with a hint of sweet. Made with Chicken breast pieces in our Oodles schezuan sauce and black pepper.

A citrus green curry with madras flavours giving it an earthy fresh flavour.

Our in-house smoky and a little sweet sauce is added to golden pieces of chicken breast with mix veg.

Inspired from the popular Indian lamb curry. Slow cooked succulent pieces of boneless lamb are infused with classic Indian spices with an Oodles twist to give it an authentic flavour.

Battered butterfly prawns are fried golden and crispy woked in the Oodles schezuan sauce with a hint of spice topped with fresh onions and peppers.

Full of flavour and crunch mix vegetables are stir fried in the oodles schezuan sauce with soya sauce.