The Process

Step 1: Interest Application
Once you have filled in the application form, you will receive a call from our head office within 3 – 5 business days to arrange a discovery meeting. Meanwhile you will be able to download our Franchise Brochure which will automatically be posted and e-mailed to you upon submission of your form.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting 
All aspects of owning a franchise will be disclosed to you along with a presentation of our franchise model and capital gains and profits. You will also be required to sign a non-disclosure form at this meeting. Once the meeting is concluded, you will receive a follow up call after 7 days to establish if you are still interested in franchising with us. If you are still interested, we will present you with a detailed application form via email to be completed electronically.

Step 3: Application Process
Once we have received your detailed application form, confirming your interest to move forward, we will arrange for an interview to discuss about locations, site selection and the capital requirements to launch your very own Oodles. You will have a further opportunity to clarify any specific questions you may still have to become a fully fledged Franchisee during this meeting.

Step 4: Sign Franchise Documents
At this stage you will be ready to sign the franchise agreement and we will secure your stipulated territory. Both parties will sign the agreement and you will be provided with a Franchise pack.

Step 5: Discovery Meeting

At this stage, a member of our senior design team will inspect the site you have chosen to make sure it is the ideal location for your franchise. Once your site is approved and you have secured it, a project manager will be allocated to progress your store development through the build stages all the way through to launch day.

On-site Training
1) 3-4 week on-site training
2) Covers all restaurant operations, business administration, marketing
3) Attended by 5 staff members
4) Oodles will provide NVQ2 in Food Handling & Hygiene
5) Chef and server provided by Oodles for store opening
6) Oodles senior manager will work alongside the branch during the initial opening period

Step 6: You’re Good To Go
You will be provided with an operational manual to aid your day to day running. You and your staff are now set and ready to manage your very own Oodles franchise.