New Wraps Hit Oodles Stores Nationwide!

Oodles introduces new Limited Edition “Wraps” in restaurants nationwide. The freshly toasted Wraps are part of Oodles’ commitment to providing our guests with a variety of flavours, new food choices and cost-effective options.

All three flavours of the tortilla-wrapped offerings contain cooked vegetables, with succulent shredded chicken and are accompanied by Eastern-inspired signature sauces such as; sweet chilli sauce, peanut sauce, coconut milk, Sriracha sauce and many more aromatic flavours. The Wraps are conveniently served in a hand-held package designed for eating on the go.

The “Sweet & Sour Chicken Wrap,” “Firecracker Chicken Wrap” and “Satay Chicken Wrap” are at a recommended price of £3.95. The wraps are Oodles’ first item to be toasted and its first limited edition hand-held offering. The varieties range from 347.2 to 394.5 calories per wrap, which is Oodles’ lowest calorie offering yet.

“The Wraps are a great example of how we can bring innovative new tastes to our guests at a low-cost price,” said Oodles’ senior director of operations, Simon Robinson. “We wanted to create a unique item that offered amazing flavours, and had an on-the-go element, without deviating from our Eastern-inspired fusion cuisine we’re known for, all whilst still keeping our guests at the forefront of our minds.”

About Oodles’ Wraps

Oodles’ Wrap varieties include:

Sweet & Sour Chicken includes tender chicken cooked in a lush oriental sweet and sour sauce and wrapped in a toasted tortilla blanket of love.

Firecracker Chicken includes tasty chicken doused in a fiery Sriracha sauce, all wrapped up in a soft, toasted tortilla wrap.

Satay Chicken includes succulent chicken coated in a creamy peanut sauce, with ground peanut pieced for extra texture, in a layer of toasted flatbread.

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