Oodles Chinese Launches Loyalty Scheme

You love Oodles Chinese and we love loyalty!

Our new Loyalty Card scheme is now up and running and gives our fans across the UK to get closer to their favourite Indo Chinese brand.

Starting this month, the Oodles Chinese Loyalty Card allows members to earn points and use those points to get free Oodles Chinese items.

The new Loyalty Card, which launches this week, will allow members to log into their account, update details and check how many points they have accumulated to see what they are eligible for with the loyalty points they have earned.

“We are delighted to now have the ability to reward our loyal customers across the UK,” said a spokesman.

“The more you enjoy Oodles Chinese, the more points you will accumulate and redeem for free food.”

To celebrate the launch of the new revised app, lucky customers will also receive DOUBLE POINTS for the first 10 days of November.

So for every box purchased, customers will be able to earn double points.

To participate in the Loyalty Card scheme, simply collect and register your new Loyalty Card instore today or request one via the app when ordering!!

Wok you waiting for? The Oodles Chinese app is available to download on Google Play and the Apple store or simply hit the UPDATE button if you have previously downloaded and enjoy the unique taste of Oodles Chinese.

For more information on how our Loyalty Scheme works and how points can be redeemed, please read our terms and conditions.

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