Oodles Chinese Trials New Box Design in All Stores

“We can’t get to the bottom,” said some, “We can’t mix the food”, said some others while certain people wanted it to be “wider”.
This is just some of the opinions of the iconic Oodles Chinese box that the head office receives during our regular customer feedback sessions.

Listening to our customers is a key part of our growth strategy and as a result, our design team has now created a whole new box – hooray!

The new box design addresses all the issues we regularly get told about and we really love the new boxes here at Oodles Chinese HQ.

“Love it, so much easier to eat from”

The initial feedback we received from our field test on a sample customer group has been overwhelmingly positive.
Many were attracted to the box straight away while others commented on how you can spread it open like a plate. Although a few were finding it difficult to accept a new box and change, they eventually started to like the new box. One of the biggest advantages we feel from the new box is that the easier access to the food will reduce waste significantly.

New design evolution

The new box design has been months in the making with a number of prototypes created and discarded for a variety of reasons.
The new design evolved into its current form following extensive trial and errors. The result is a wider box, easier to open and mix and much more aesthetically pleasing. The design also incorporates new social media icons on the side and the box is fully recyclable to hit our sustainability targets.

In stores now

The trial boxes can now be found in each of our stores from Leicester, Birmingham and Derby for two weeks starting from July 23rd.

Following the end of the trial, we will collate all the feedback from customers to staff and make a decision on whether we will proceed to production.

So what you waiting for? Get trialling and leave us your feedback via a staff member or social media!!!

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