Oodles Peel & Win Release

This November, we released an Oodles “Peel & Win” campaign which started on 20th November 2022. It will run until Sunday 18th December 2022, and the announcement for the Prize Draw will be on Monday 19th December 2022. This promotional campaign will give customers the chance to win huge prizes, see new box designs & have a more cost-effective menu to choose from.

The promotional peel campaign will sit alongside the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament and will allow us to position ourselves with a football-loving market.

Oodles has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2010, hitting 35 (soon to be 36) stores in its 4 years of franchising. With our distinctive concept of the box, layered with two bases, a saucy dish & a dry dish, we want to attract their customers using fun & innovative ways of keeping you regular & loyal Oodlers.

How to Peel & Win with Oodles?

Customers have the chance to win prizes by collecting sticker peels from menu items such as our boxes, spicy chips, or meal deals. And so far it has been a HUGE success!

All you have to do to take part is simply peel off the sticker from the selected items to win some free food items via our ‘quick-wins’.

Customers can also collect unique codes from the same stack of stickers, to enter in the prize draw for the bigger prizes. The winner for this will be announced on Monday 19th December 2022, A day after the Winner of the FIFA World Cup Final 2022 is announced.

All customers have an equal chance to win small or big wins, as the stickers are distributed randomly and fairly.

What are the Oodles Peel & Win prizes?

There is a range of prizes up for grabs in the latest Oodles Peel & Win campaign, from in-store ‘quick-wins’ to the online Prize Draw for the big prizes.

This year’s big prizes include £2K, £1k & £500 Cash for four lucky winners, a Digital Amazon eGift Voucher, and an Apple Watch SE.

Oodles Quick-Win Peel Prizes
Small Oodles Box
Free Drink
A portion of Spring Vegetable Rolls
Small Box of Spicy Chips
Fortune Cookies
A Pack of Prawn Crackers
A Portion of Wok Wings
UberEATS discount
Oodles Prize Draw Winnings
Final Prize
£2,000 Cash
£1,000 Cash
£500 Cash
Digital Amazon eGift Voucher
Apple Watch SE

What oodles menu items will qualify for peel & win?

Every customer purchases the following boxes; Oodles Large, Regular & Value boxes, meal deal boxes, and a side that is served in a box, whether they are purchased in-store or for delivery, every box is guaranteed to have a Peel & Win sticker placed on each box.

The stickers will only be restricted to dishes served in boxes and exclude any other dishes, i.e. paper packets or boat trays.

Here is a full list of all items where you could win prizes:

  • Oodles Large Box
  • Oodles Regular Box
  • Oodles Value Box
  • Chinese Wok Wings
  • Plain Chips
  • Spicy Chips

Tips to boost your chances to win the top oodles peel & win prizes:

There are many ways that customers can improve their chances of winning in the FIFA World Cup edition of Oodles’ Peel & Win campaign.

Here’s how you can boost your chances of winning big:

  • More than 1 in every 2 stickers is a winning sticker, so the more you buy, the higher your chances of winning big are
  • Every sticker has a different ‘Quick-Win’ prize as well as a unique code to input on our landing page to enter into our online Prize Draw.

Good luck amazing Oodlers!

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